It’s About How Hard You Can Get Hit!

so Conor ended up tapping out at UFC 196
Nate proved stronger and proceeded to sub him

I haven’t yet seen the whole fight
only snippets of it
but something tells me
Conor ‘overextended‘ this time
to use his own word

his Self-image got the better of him
and the anxiety over success overwrote the joy of the fight

thus, regardless of the actual result:
Conor lost because he got something to lose
and Nate won because he was there to “kill or be killed”
he had nothing to lose,

the dynamics tilted towards Nate
because Nate let it come to him
he wasn’t grasping for it
he was making room for it

plus he is “stronger”

I guess

but let’s not forget the room that Conor made for the UFC over the last year or so,
now, that’s something truly breath-taking…

on a related note,

I also kind of see a parallel
with the way I am tweaking my diet:

in my attempt to up-regulate my metabolism/the inner fire
I incorporate more and more of the pro-thyroid foods that Ray Peat advocates and get overwhelmed (i.e. overstimulated/stressed) slightly when triggering some kind of craving I end up drinking raw milk, for instance, beyond my digestive capacity…

much like jumping two weight-classes in a matter of 3 months

but then,
without going over the line you wouldn’t know your ‘limits,’
you wouldn’t really gauge where you are actually at,
once you get knocked down you stand a better chance of finding your bearings

it’s all about alignment

at square one
you start small
and then build incrementally up
feeding it progressively
keeping it alive and ever roaring but always sustainable

to juxtapose Marcus Aurelius:

“Wherever it is in agreement with nature, the ruling power within us takes a flexible approach to circumstances, always adapting itself easily to both practicality and the given event. It has no favoured material for its work, but sets out on its objects in a conditional way, turning any obstacle into material for its own use. It is like a fire mastering whatever falls into it. A small flame would be extinguished, but a bright fire rapidly claims as its own all that is heaped on it, devours it all, and leaps up yet higher in consequence


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