Align With The Truth Of The Moment

cultivate your capacity to listen to your body
tune into its ripples
by relaxing into them a bit more every single day

notice the signals on ever subtler scales

does your body temp drop after ingesting certain foods
do you have blood-sugar dips (triggering cortisol surges) throughout the day

where is the tipping point for each of your stimulant,
do you notice after what point does listening to music, for instance, start depleting (rather than stimulate) you energetically

how much rest do you still need to fully recover from the energetic deficit you have incurred during those stressful hours

do you go to bed when you feel like doing so or when you know you are supposed to

track the see-saw of give and take
take ownership of your triggers and fluctuations


let go of the echoes that riddle your awareness and haunt your conscience
trust the cues within

here is another gem from Marcus:

“The conscious liar sins to the extent that his deceit causes injustice: the unconscious liar to the extent that he is out of tune with the nature of the Whole and out of order with the nature of the ordered universe against which he fights. And it is fighting when he allows himself to be carried in opposition to the truth. He has received the prompts from nature: by ignoring them he is now incapable of distinguishing false from true


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