Rhythm Is A Dancer

although I purport to post every day on this blog
I had to cease doing so
I had to let the pressure of it go
and revert to post every other day instead
for sometimes I can churn it on a daily basis
but often it poses a real challenge to squeeze new ideas out of my neural tube
being that all I basically share is variations on a couple of themes I hold dear
even though the majority of these ‘insights’ are iterations
they are lighter and brighter versions every time..
at any rate,
usually it happens in lumps
things just pour out and then I post fragments of it for a few days and then I have a dry spell which I try to fill in with quotes that I find insightful
I think this is how musculo-skeletal strength (~alignment) evolves as well
I cannot train day in and day out
there are anabolic and catabolic stretches during the process
there are plateaus and surges and dips
the trick is to align with the undulations
and not choose to be wilfully blind to them
sometimes a long break makes wonders

incidentally, the previous post is a good example of something being forced
in contrast to what’s happening right here
this post is more “in tune”
(and I almost went “all or none” again–so typical of me–abandoning this space for much longer)
but here is the insight:

the idea of doing something on a regular basis quickly turns into a stressor when it loses its context

instead of committing to an abstract idea, an agenda
it makes more sense to stick to the truth of the moment

one has to appreciate the Rhythm
and trust it,
especially when it falters

any attempt at controlling it backfires
since there is no way around the truth

relish the surges and the dips
trace the fluctuations


that is the best you can do!


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