No causes, just symptoms, symptoms all the way

Identifying and avoiding environmental toxins and allergens we have grown sensitive to; identifying and modulating the hormonal imbalances we have acquired; identifying and correcting the non-negligible musculo-skeletal asymmetries we have developed; identifying and taking ownership of our attachment/abandonment issues we have adopted, etc.—all these stratagems help us integrate at a higher level and feel much better but merely treat the symptoms

a ’’healthy’’ & fulfilling lifestyle that involves a clean, varied diet with delicious desserts, proper circadian cycle, adequate recovery and deep sleep, light stretching and mobility drills, occasional (self-)massage sessions, lots of movement and playful, creative activities, work, quality time in privacy and/or community, cultivating empowering relationships with self & other, rituals, meditation, kinky sexuality, intimacy, emotional autonomy as well as permeability, authenticity and transparency, strong personal boundaries, social contribution, etc.,—all in alignment with the rhythms of our own specific bodily needs—only go so far, merely masking the abysmal turmoil at our core

our roots hang in midair, as it were, in nothingness, in cosmic emptiness, there is no cure for what’s ultimately ailing us, we cannot treat the root cause: but we can let life claim and take (care of) us


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