There is a calendar hung on the wall near the entrance door of the building where I rent a room on the second floor. On the calendar there is a little red frame that can be slid on a transparent plastic band onto the actual date. Seeing that nobody was taking care of it one day I took the initiative and started adjusting the little red frame every morning on my way out to work. After a few months someone else began to sabotage my endeavor by replacing the marker to random dates. At first I kept on readjusting it but after a week or two I just decided to let it go and not to feed any longer into the drama this other person has brought into existence with my assistance. I thought to myself: this whole calendar marking not only does not matter after all but I am almost buying into the idea that I am doing the right thing and the other person is doing the wrong thing (by sabotaging me doing the right thing) and, in this regard, I am as much foolish in this situation as that other person is


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