The world is my mirror

To see others as arrogant is as arrogant as it gets

Arrogant and selfish people only exist within the world of arrogant and selfish people. Only those can feel that others are ungrateful who had an agenda all along to oblige and guilt or emotionally bully and abuse others into some form of (contrived) reciprocation. Their ’’gift’’ is conditional and come bundled with strings attached.

Within the bubble of their fantasy world these people feel fully entitled and owed and they take things personally because in their world it’s all about them, life revolves only around them. They are, in effect, trapped in their own personal hell where they might very well be surrounded by angels but all they see around themselves is evil intent and malicious content, and by spewing ill will and toxic sentiments towards others they are but poisoning themselves

The only hope for them is that the tiny fractures and hairline cracks in their heart won’t hold up forever and one day when their bubble bursts open and their world collapses on them they will be humbled so bad that repenting they will spend days crying in regret for being abusive towards others (=themselves). They will finally see that what they were demanding so vehemently and aggressively was locked in their own hearts all along, what they were claiming they were denying themselves

But until then be their Kryptonite: give them no air, no space, no attention, no mind, be a threat to their establishment, your silence is what they are most vulnerable to, stillness terrifies them, they grasp and gasp for noise, that’s their element…

Admittedly, I am lashing out right now because in this moment I feel anger and I am triggered because—shame on me—I am still vulnerable and I still tend to lend myself to these kind of emotional games. But at least I know that the best thing I can do is take ownership of this by articulating it and letting it ripple through, for that is the way a trigger’s edge gets blunted


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