This is a quick heads up about an interview over at Daniel Vitalis’ site in which Gábor Máté talks about compulsive tendencies, addictions, ADD and other dysfunctional patterns of behavior we deploy to cope with the overwhelming feelings of separation that modern society nurtures (and instills in us from a very early age). Trauma, in his view, is the act of dissociation from reality to buffer the pain that its experience inflicts. The way out of dysfunction is awareness and a cultivation of presence (=an authentic and transparent way of engaging ourselves, others and the world) and so it’s imperative that we take inventory of all our actions and take ownership of the intent behind them and the actual impact they have on us (and others) when we practice them. Even when we indulge in potentially self-harming practices to escape reality and avoid the primal pain that starts bubbling up to the surface in the present moment the mere willingness to stay with the compulsion to recoil is enough, as he says: all darkness dissipates when you bring the light of awareness shine on it


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