Adyashanti on surrender (Vajrapani retreat)

’’Part of you got into this game to be special and it just won’t going to happen.

It sounds like you are having an argument with your own divinity. You put a limitation on it. Every time we put a limitation on it, we are stuck with our limitation. If our limitation becomes—I don’t just want to be a grandma—guess what you are stuck with? That’s what you are stuck with, because we are always stuck with the limitation we impose upon ourselves—What I don’t want to be; what I can’t be; what I refuse to be; what I am uninterested in being. Have you ever noticed, whenever you have that, that’s what you find yourself doing. You find yourself stuck there.

You, me, none of us have ever done anything that anybody ever wanted us to do. We’ve done it because we wanted to do it. We wanted to be in agreement with them, we wanted to be liked by them, we wanted them not to yell at us, so therefore we decided that we do it, and then we say—I hate doing what they want me to do—and you are not, you are doing what you want to do. It’s always been that way and it’ll always be that way.

There is something people really mistake when they think about surrender. They think—I’m not going to get to do what I want to do. I say—Ridiculous. You have always gotten to do what you wanted to do. The only thing you surrender is your unconsciousness about it.


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