UFC 205 @ MSG

If go with what you want that’s what you’ll get and if you go with what you’re thinking that’s what you’ll end up enacting.

Owen Cook: In any social interaction there is always one person reacting more to the other person than that person is reacting to them.

GSP (from UFC): the guy that gets more tired is the one who doesn’t fight his fight but fights his opponent’s fight. If I fight my fight, I will be in control of my environment and I won’t be as tired as if I fight my opponent’s fight.

Eddie Alvarez: He lulled me into a boxing match.

Conor beats his opponents psychologically first, he puts them in reactive mode, inside and outside the cage, he leads, he fights his fight against them. He goes with what he wants, while the opponent gets caught up more in their thoughts, following Conor’s lead, fighting a losing battle.

Check out his matter of fact celebration in this historical moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPiw27AQYh0


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