Whenever you feel wired sit down in a private secluded place as soon as you possibly can. Sit with your sensations and start scanning. Localize the area of the tension. Zero in on ’’the energetic wound you have sustained’’ and once you can sense the seat of it keep your attention loosely there and hover, hang around there as long as possible. You may feel an intensification of the sensation to the point of some form of actual pain and that’s a good sign. Certain ideas, images, memories may spring into your mind as well which may or may not have something to do with the particular manifestation of that pain in the now. The more that you can rest into that pain the softer its coils go. /If you have ever massaged your muscles with a foam roller or a tennis or golf ball or something, you understand the principle. It takes finding the tight spot and lingering there until the neural holding twitches & gives up its ghost.

Linger and see.


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