Ray Peat & Context

To boost metabolism by all sorts of stimulants (simple sugars, caffeine, etc.) while curbing the degenerative hormonal processes sounds sensible enough. But there is always a broader transpersonal context. It’s one thing to know how to properly fuel and unburden (’en-lighten’) the body but it’s quite another to understand the context of all that quickening. If someone is fixated on fixing & transcending the broken, symptom-ridden version of themselves they are boosting a system without the system needing to be boosted. What their system, in fact, needs is a provisional shutdown, a reset. There is a need for a standstill first. An honest look. A seeing. And after the fast shall the incremental upregulation commence. Without coming to their senses first a chronically ungrounded person only ends up in (cycles of) overkill.


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