Couple of Qs for Higher-Self Peeps

How could you not struggle if you still take (some) things personally?

How could you think that you don’t take things personally when you say/think: ’I’ (!) don’t take things personally?

How could you not be a (reactive) bitch to others when you are still a little bitch to your own ego?

How could you think that you are not a little needy bitch to your ego if you (!) are still trying to please it by trying to ’transcend’ it?



4 thoughts on “Couple of Qs for Higher-Self Peeps

    • thanks for the question. a good example is the way i initially reacted to your question, actually, i immediately perceived it as a threat, as a challenge to be overcome, and so i recoiled in defense because i took it personally, as something that called into question the validity of ‘my’ stance [which triggers anxiety ~the urge to struggle (for a sense of control)]. an other example could be the neverending (mostly repressed) conflicts I have with my roommate where we are irritated of each other’s habits [taking them as personal affronts almost] because we are caught up in our personal world of (inherited & adopted) preferences & values respectively. i could try and come up with better examples but a good rule of thumb is that whenever i feel tensing up it’s a sure sign that i take something personally: as something jeopardizing my sense of control, as something encroaching upon ‘me’

  1. a good example would be not responding to ‘your’ question… 😉 but let’s indulge ‘me’: as implied in my examples above the flip side of taking things personally is seeing that all that actually happens when I take(s) things personally is that it’s merely the IDEA I have about myself that feels being under threat, the IDEA of me as a separate, fragile being. of course, this is a matter of different levels of analysis: from the ego’s perspective it’s totally reasonable to take things personally [and therefore continually struggle to secure & fend off things], but form another level, from the paradigm of the ‘truth’ it’s all a mental construct, that is: every inter- or intraPERSONAL conflict is something that plays out inside my head only. granted, the ego and the (virtual) world that it enacts is REAL but it is not TRUE. in short, form the perspective of the truth there is nothing to be taken personally since there is no person there in the first place.

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