Here is a little paradigm upgrade to keep your ego in check: always think in terms of ’’despite of’’ instead of ’’because of’’ especially when it comes to the issue of personal efficacy; in terms of effects, all the way down, without causes—In terms of grace, that is. I’ve healed from x despite all my efforts to do so.


Me Am Ego

Me am-ego is at it again: spinning the melodramatic yarn, spinning the wheel—arguing with what is. But it’s OK. I ma proceed & let it have it (s)way once again—No problem.


Drop all your defenses [preemptive offenses]. There is noone to protect.

Qs for the Self-Improvement Folks

Are you still convinced that you can resolve your disagreeable issues? Are you still relating from the illusion of agency? Do you still dismiss the truth of this moment [the real essence of your being]? Do you still prefer to argue with it? Is it still the exhausting spin of your wheels that brings you peace of mind? Do you still need to (repeatedly) crash instead to relax and have a rest?


I is always in the wrong. But I am always in the right. That is to say: While I, as a person, is always in the wrong, I, as the truth of this moment, am always in the right—given that I is for all intents and purposes the dismissal (mechanism) of the truth that I am. To paraphrase Fedor Emilianenko: I proposes, God disposes.