Dealing With Triggers

Feeling inconvenienced by inconveniencing narcissistic others you may ask your narcissistic self: Is it necessary to feel ashamed and let emotional pain overwhelm me again?—to which you may answer: No, it’s not—but still ’you’ will feel ashamed, ’you’ will be triggered because that’s in the nature of ’you’—which is perfectly OK: neurotic reaction patterns are to be allowed rather than resolved. Personally, I think of it in terms of the image of a black hole that starts siphoning off my energy—which I simply acknowledge and relax into it, letting the event horizon to ’’Eat everything up, drain my glycogen, drain me, exhaust me as you please. I don’t mind. it’s OK.’’ Typically, once I let it devour me it suddenly loses its appetite, so to speak.

/It figures: much like in dieting where all the effort results in the opposite of its intended effect the good old principle of ’what you resist persists’ applies here too.

One thought on “Dealing With Triggers

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