Psychosomatic symptoms are sort of barometric feedback tools provided for us to gauge the level of contraction & resistance we enact in the moment. They are tools to navigate the process of surrender.

In point of fact, the itchy throat that I wrote about [here] proved to be a device just like this. Whenever I energetically [emotionally, hormonally, physically, etc.] contracted (in response to the appearance of my emotionally needy roommate, for instance) the urge to cough intensified, but as soon as I tuned into the white noise in my ears (relaxed into stillness) and relaxed my gut, it subsided. Mind-blowing stuff. I conjectured that probably these things (sickness & symptoms) are way more complex phenomena than we think they are. We still rigidly think in the binary terms of good and bad, healthy and diseased when we could also think in dynamic terms like transition or alignment or unfolding.

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