Feel the rising impulsion that compels you to be in control and take possession of the pleasant things that seem to have come to you recently; see the self that lays claim on what happens to unfold in the moment and let what it seeks to sustain go: give the power back, give the lead back to life, relax into your brilliant nothingness. Stay humble, be simple. Dwell where you truly belong. Relax bitch.


I regret all the wasted opportunities to connect with you, to truly see and feel you. Forgive me. It was an innocent misunderstanding, though. I never thought I was worthy or deserving of unconditional care. I felt inadequate while at the same time superior to you all—cognitive dissonance turns on a blind spot, doesn’t it. How absurd. I was angry and I was endlessly frustrated, precisely to the extent that I was slowly opening up to ’’you.’’ Forgive me. I failed to show up fully. I feel remorse now—although, I know, intellectually and soon emotionally and viscerally too, it will slowly descend upon me, that you are inside of me and I am inside of you, that there is no need to repent really. All these years ’’I’’ have been meeting ’’myself’’ through ’’you’’ as ’’you’’ have been meeting ’’yourself’’ through ’’me.’’ Still, forgive me, my brothers and my sisters. I am here to strike back with all the love that I dare to open for and to open with.