Acceptance is the beginning for powerful action if action is required. The action that you take on the basis of nonacceptance is never powerful, it is tainted with negativity: it’s a kind of karmic action that produces more unhappiness, more karma.


Any Doing Is a Form of Contraction

Ironically, what on the personal level we experience as crawling forward and advancing and improving and evolving as an individual from the vantage of the impersonal realm of reality is but a desperate holding on and slow, retarded sliding. We intend to break free & fly when in point of fact all we do is a ploy to distract & divert attention from the fact of already falling.

The question is never: What am I to do? The only real question in each and every moment is always: What is happening?



the distance between
who you are and how you show up
/the measure of the mismatch
between your nature and your habits:
is the dis-ease you experience

rig your habits you adopt to your your deeper impulses
not the other way around

don’t toss off out of boredom
don’t eat without actual hunger
be tuned in
to the jolts of your embodied moments


they say that you attract not what you want
but what you are
but I don’t think it’s true,
you don’t attract what you are,
rather, you attract what you do
and what you do is, in effect,
out of sync with what you are

that’s the ‘problem’ we call our life

up to you

you either do the thing you are thinking about
you think about the thing you want to be doing

these are the options

you either do it or you think about doing it

as simple as that

you either maintain a self-image in the now
living in reaction
doing jackshit

or compound your power for the future
taking action
getting shit done

life before death

it’s up to you

the half-hearted realm of wishy-washy deferral
is the limbo of a juiceless, lifeless existence

build clarity through experiential experimentation
never cease probing

let your actions determine your emotions
not the other way around

the stronger your resolve
the stronger your reason for it
where criticism, failure, resistance and your emotions (in response) become mere fodder for it

to paraphrase Nassim Taleb:
while wind puts out a candle, it fuels a fire