There is a paradigmatic difference between going along to get along (or playing the social human game) out of choosing to do so and out of fear of not doing so. Fundamentally, it’s the difference between engaging others for real or being real with them as opposed to being fake or engaging others primarily to humour & please them. While the latter amounts to nothing more but plain sailing across the vacuous ocean of fear, adrift, forever seeking, the former ushers traversing rough patches of meaning, freely, lived as love.



Nietzsche is all for taking full responsibility, for your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your neurotic patterns, your shadow, your light, etc. instead of giving away your power and then act like a helplessly hapless victim, hopelessly dispossessed and comfortably numb, overtly or covertly bitching and moaning, subliminally poison-dripping, guilt-tripping and shaming those who are self-reliant and self-amused, light and loose in their creative disposition. / Get better, not bitter. Be the creator, not the created. Give what you’d wish to receive. You attract what you are. Choose life. Become what you are! Or, in the words of Zarathustra:

  • Companions I need who follow me because they follow themselves. / Only when you’ve denied me will I return to you.
  • To the incurable one shouldn’t try to be a physician.
  • There is little of man here, therefore their women strive to be mannish. For only he who is man enough will release the woman in women. [#youtoo?]
  • Those who are half-and-half spoil all that is whole.
  • One shall not wish to enjoy where one does not give joy.
  • The good must crucify him who invents his own virtue / They sacrifice the future to themselves.
  • I love those who do not want to preserve themselves.
  • He who has always spared himself much will in the end become sickly of so much consideration.
  • …to recreate all ’’it was’’ until the will says Thus I willed it, Thus I shall will it—this I call redemption.
  • …where I no longer need to stoop before those who are small.
  • Under their eyes I want to go under, dying, I want to give my richest gift.

It’s a choice

You don’t do your life, you simply choose your life. You don’t have to do anything, you simply get to choose it. If you feel like you have to hustle and grind for something that simply means you are (still) unconscious and conflicted about what you have chosen.

abundance vs. scarcity mindset

whenever you seek to minimize output/outflow and (thus) maximize the input/inflow of energy & resources
you operate from the low frequencies of scarcity vibration

it is a natural bias and we are viscerally rigged to do so,
which does not warrant it at all, though

I got to train myself
on a daily basis
to snap out of this vibe
every time I notice its patterns over-determining my behavior

I got to train myself to snap -with more and more ease- into the higher frequencies of abundance vibration
where I focus on maximizing output/outflow of energy & resources

the first step, as always, is awareness,
with awareness comes choice
we have to be aware of the difference:

1 in abundance:
you are grounded in the truth of the moment
and flow with spontaneity,
you feel light and bright and complete
you are strong

you see everything and everybody as specific
it is a state of selfless selfishness

2 in scarcity:
you are grounded in a rigid self-image
you are leechy, clingy, clunky, needy,
you feel heavy, fraught with guilt and shame and fear
and fear-based attachments
you are weak

you regard few things and few people as special
(rather than everything and everybody as specific)
it is state of selfish selflessness

from abundance you act and PRO-CREATE
from scarcity you react and RE-CREATE