Until you can actually see yourself as well as your Self in the most difficult people in your life: you have no chance to ’’return.’’


May You Be

Let all (self-imposed) pressure to deliver go.

Let your fac(ad)e crumble and reveal the empty interior.

Let the IMAGEs [opinions, views, thoughts, beliefs, internal commentaries, memories, reminiscences, feelings, facts, etc. about yourself, other people, the world, as well as the attendant sense of guilt, loss, shame, inadequacy, anxiety, inferiority, regress, progress, mission, success, superiority, etc.] that fill in the gaps and contract the flow of perception melt and leak away, and reveal the world again and again—as quickly as they congeal.

Let there be more truth and less fixation.

Free To Be Simply Unspecial

I am free to be nobody

there is nothing to be solved or resolved
there is nothing to prove
there is nothing to lose

“So one should pass through this tiny fragment of time in tune with nature, and leave it gladly, as an olive might fall when ripe, blessing the earth which bore it and grateful to the tree which gave it growth.” — Marcus Aurelius

The CommUnity

imagine all the [insert your name in the plural here] of the world mingling in the middle of a gigantic square..

the more you strive to differentiate yourself
the more seamlessly you blend into the big bland of others
that is, the more you differ on the surface the less authentic you are
authenticity is the common denominator
that only the rare breed align with
and yet, alterity is the essence of life
the less you bother about differentiating yourself from the human mass the more you differ from others