For Christ’s Sake

Who do you think it helps when you are emotionally suffering about the emotional suffering of others?


Others Mirror Self

“I feel heard”
“I feel appreciated”
“I feel understood”

“I feel felt”

“I feel light”
“I feel bright”
“I feel at peace”

“expanding.. at ease..”

ideally this is how people feel when they are engaging you
they feel uplifted
rather than drained

which reflects how you actually feel in your own skin

right? 😉

listen up

another gem from Timothy Morton:

“writing and speaking and sentences in general are really grounded in listening. They are modes of listening. Who is feeling what, how do you tune to that with your sentence”

faces in space

go for a walk and enter a random school building
take a look at old group photographs of students of different classes on the wall
and meditate a bit
slow down
any random face you pick
imagine, picture in your mind their life
feel into their life
enter their frame
assume their space
think of their little triumphs and struggles
think of broken relationships, of abandoned projects and hobbies
see them running their errands
re-member their arrivals & their departures
re-member their unvoiced hurts & their unexpressed love
growing old,


then pick another face
do the same

the people these people were surrounded with
you will never know
and the people you have come into contact with over the years
they will never know

the big things in your life
do not exist for them
the big things of their life
do not exist for you

in the big scheme
we ain’t special
we don’t matter
it’s just our life


the one who abandoned you

who are they in the big scheme of things
they will disappear too
like grains of sand, yes

whoever you desire or admire
random too

we are all passing
we are passing through

none of it matters

we are humans


be humble
live simple
give as much space as humanly possible
the rest will take care of itself

abundance vs. scarcity mindset

whenever you seek to minimize output/outflow and (thus) maximize the input/inflow of energy & resources
you operate from the low frequencies of scarcity vibration

it is a natural bias and we are viscerally rigged to do so,
which does not warrant it at all, though

I got to train myself
on a daily basis
to snap out of this vibe
every time I notice its patterns over-determining my behavior

I got to train myself to snap -with more and more ease- into the higher frequencies of abundance vibration
where I focus on maximizing output/outflow of energy & resources

the first step, as always, is awareness,
with awareness comes choice
we have to be aware of the difference:

1 in abundance:
you are grounded in the truth of the moment
and flow with spontaneity,
you feel light and bright and complete
you are strong

you see everything and everybody as specific
it is a state of selfless selfishness

2 in scarcity:
you are grounded in a rigid self-image
you are leechy, clingy, clunky, needy,
you feel heavy, fraught with guilt and shame and fear
and fear-based attachments
you are weak

you regard few things and few people as special
(rather than everything and everybody as specific)
it is state of selfish selflessness

from abundance you act and PRO-CREATE
from scarcity you react and RE-CREATE

compulsive comPARAtists

our cognition is distributed
in a sense, we are organs of a shared mind
and this is the source of our greatness, our grace and exaltation
as well as our depravity and perversity
as Jean-Paul Sartre put it: L’enfer, c’est les autres/Hell is other people

the human heart knows no limits,
our capacity for compassion is boundless
and our sense of envy goes deeper than we might think, watch: