J e s u s

When people tell me that they don’t understand the things I write/talk about I know that the only reason they don’t get me is that they don’t understand themselves in the first place. When dealing with me some feel confused about me, some feel frustrated by me, some dislike me, some quite like me—but if they cared enough most of them, I think, would be somewhat fascinated by (their idea of) me. Paradoxically, the less separate I feel from them (us) the more separate they seem to feel from me. The less there is of me and the more I loosen & relax into (us as) life they tend to project more and more of their issues onto me. In other words, people relate to people like me exactly the way they relate to life. It’s not personal at all. It’s just weird.


distillate presence

demand nothing of anyone but yourself
to make use of & spread (i.e. relish and share) the abundance
you have been led to be tapped into

grow humble

let go of all your ego-tripping other-dissing aspirations

grow the backbone and the balls to let go:
to relax into the abundance you already have

take ownership of the reality of your privilege

wake up to the abundance you already inhabit

transcend your anxiety: face your arrogance for success

take ownership of the abounding opportunities afforded by the abundance you are enmeshed in

stop resisting the truth of the moment

slow down, pay attention, listen, learn, thrive and grow rich

brothers and sisters

if your mission is to trigger the latent genius and radiance in us
to take the initiative and catalyze the release of dormant vectors in self&other
to lovingly slow-fuck our shared mind

you’ll become the rare one
who is ready to inspire (self&other) at the expense of your own face
and who is willing to get crucified on the cross of hypocrisy

you’ll become someone who frequently chooses the selfless option
acting in alignment with (y)our faceless presence