What Jordan Peterson is in effect doing

I’d say that Jordan Peterson is primarily against the hateful, shadow aspect in us that usually manifests as self-pity and resentment—not against the social constructivists and illiberal activists per se. Foremost, he’s against his own resentment. It’s not political at all—what he intends—it’s much deeper than that, it’s purely psychological. Peterson is all for the recognition and exposure of the inner tendency to hide behind (self-righteous) pretense. He is against self-delusion. Peterson is in effect struggling with himself (as we all do) and he is offering the exposure of his own struggles [assuming the role of the Tragedy King dancing his dance with the drama queens] as a way of overcoming the darkness in all of us.



Some cool pointers from Jordan Peterson:

  • Some games you don’t get to play unless you’re all in. [~live life to the fullest]
  • Don’t steal other people’s problems. [~the most you can offer is help others help themselves]
  • Sacrifice relationships that retard the unfolding of (your) truth. [~the most you can give to others is your truth]
  • Instead of aiming to be the entity without flaws aim to be the entity that continues to recognize and integrate its flaws. [~happiness is a byproduct of facing your fears]



Do you lack a compelling vision, a meaning, a direction simply because you’re afraid of facing the challenge that it entails and the conscience it enjoins? In other words: ’Is it because life is ultimately futile or is it because you’ve decided that you’d just as soon not adopt ultimate responsibility and use that decision to rationalize that life is ultimately meaningless?’ (Jordan Peterson)

Do you wish to shut down and check out for good, wishing, hoping, idling & waiting for the best—or at least the better—for the rest of your life or you want instead to avail yourself of all the available resources available at all times? Seriously. Do you want to lose? To abandon and be abandoned? Or do you want to make moves and make love?—To reassure and inspire, with sharing, perspective, looseness & lightness of being—to balance out the experience of living and infuse comedy into the tragedy—to find the joy of facing fear, of losing face, of feeling loved & loving—to meaningfully participate in the co-creation of reality?