What do you intend to give/get? What do you intend to have given in the end? Already dead, looking back on this lifetime of yours, what do you actually see: What did you end up finally giving/getting?


Me? I guess am here to bring and receive good vibes—through art, intimacy and profession. I was here to witness all (perception of) pressure dissolve as I physiologically and psychologically opened and (en)lightened up.


Protecting your exclusive viewpoint. Your vantage, that presumed advantage. It feels safe up there, soaring. So reassuring. Looking in from without. Seeing the folly, detached form all of it. Alienated from others involved in it and alienating others, too, from you. Insular. Is that what you truly intend to have given/gotten? Or do you want to ’come down’ after all? Be honest. That is the question: To be you or to be true? To be or to love?

Like Attracts Like

Give what you think you want to get. Give what you think you need. Give what you think you lack. Give what you seek.

First PICTURE, in graphic detail, your sexual, financial, etc. fantasies. Then FEEL (the sense of aliveness, abundance, completeness, home, etc. evoked inside as a result) as you CIRCULATE (breathe it down through your heart and gut) & BEAM it outside.

And you shall receive.
/Ht David Deida

Only the Truth Remains

When there is no more corners to hide in and nowhere else to turn to—No pleasure foods, no snacks, no girls, no flirts, no dalliance or kinky stuff, no distractions whatsoever, no mental onanism, no net, no flicks, no TV, no Tubes, no movies, no homies, no social, no messenger, no books, no meditation, no recreation, no studies, no grooming, no cooking, no shopping, no work, no chores, no duties to tend to, no errands to run, no crafts to hone, no training, no conditioning, no stretching, no foam-rolling, no walking, no writing, no hiking, no drifting—in front of confusion, in front of frustration, in front of idling, in front of melancholy—where there is nothing—no prospects for resolution, no chance of absolution—WHAT REMAINS?—no projects pursued, no agendas followed up on, no schemes schemed, no excuses mustered—disconnected, isolated, out of the loop, totally abandoned—What’s the point? What is there to see?—No toys, no joys. No highs, no lows. What remains? What’s there in front of the satiating carb highs and quelling cumshots, the voluptuous redheads and blondes, the distracting feeds on social, the productiveness, the hustle, the toil, the recoil into poise? What remains when you drop it all and take a deep breath instead? when instead of dulling your senses with stimulants and stimulations for another round you relax into your g(r)asping? When instead of compulsively (re)acting you choose the truth of the b(l)ooming moment? What remains?

What remains with the baby when you throw out all the bathwater?

THIS MOMENT is all that remains.
The room around you—





—the pen in your hand, the books on the shelf, the sounds from the street, the sounds in the room, the pressure in your gut—there is nothing left but this moment, fully, resplendent and replete—absolutely no limit; infinite. The sheer abundance of this moment that surmounts you. Connection, integration, total intimacy. Translucence.

What remains is simply the truth and the truth is the point of it.

The Truth Has Nothing To Do With You

Take nothing at face value. See through the sur-face. See through the ripples. Rest with the truth of this moment. No matter the content it’s the context of your engagements that manifests in your experience. No matter their content it’s the context of your comments that determines the interpersonal trajectories involving you.


See through the bitchiness of women, see through the antagonism of colleagues, see through the heavy moods of loved ones, see through their trans-generational, trauma-induced compulsions to hurt and feel hurt, see through the ingratiating comments of your fans, see through your adverse and elated reactions—feel them, embrace them, fully, rest in them, struggle with ease—nothing’s a big deal.