good partners co-evolve

in relationships it’s vital to find partners
who match and more or less mesh with your pace & style of growth

in a way, everyone plays an essential role in your life,
each person you encounter draws out & helps you discover (or recover) another facet of your Self

in effect, mismatches are inevitable and indispensable for driving this very process of self-(re)discovery

but it is absolute key that you don’t overstay and don’t let others either overstay their welcome
for every relation solidifies the Self into an IMAGE for its other
which propels growth only till a tipping point of diminishing returns

in short:

the IMAGE you co-create with your partner in your relationship will sooner or later stifle you (two) out of a generative dynamics into a degenerative one if the mismatch in your styles spirals too wide between the two of you and you cannot transcend (and include) that IMAGE of yourSelves in another (upgraded) version of it as the relation evolves & progresses

it takes communication
listening, self-awareness and common sense

guinea sapiens

pondering the phenomenon of inflammation-driven diseases of civilization here is what I conjecture:

nature experiments with itself what happens if it incurs excess stimulation upon itself

as we grow more and more sedentary and more and more idle
we become encumbered with more and more stimulation
which we fall shorter and shorter of processing


the distance between
who you are and how you show up
/the measure of the mismatch
between your nature and your habits:
is the dis-ease you experience

rig your habits you adopt to your your deeper impulses
not the other way around

don’t toss off out of boredom
don’t eat without actual hunger
be tuned in
to the jolts of your embodied moments


they say that you attract not what you want
but what you are
but I don’t think it’s true,
you don’t attract what you are,
rather, you attract what you do
and what you do is, in effect,
out of sync with what you are

that’s the ‘problem’ we call our life


I am IT

I have access to all there IS

to the extent that I [dare to]
trust my intuitions

to the extent that I [dare to]
allow it to manifest

to the extent that I [dare to]
take ownership of it

by letting myself being granted
the permission to do so


as a human
a sense of restlessness
is a given

OWN it or be PWNED by it
the choice is yours

to OWN it is to yield beyond it

it is to transcend a constant buzz and sense of guilt
a nagging feeling of owing self&others, of being indebted

it is to relax at last into who you truly are
into what you truly want

restlessness is a productive state of mind
up until the point beyond which it
becomes overwhelming and destructive
to the body

to OWN it is to manage it

it is to unburden your digestion &
support your detox system, for example,
by eating lightly
in tune with your appetite
or to unburden your conscience &
regain self-esteem and cultivate confidence
by taking things lightly
and acting in tune with your deepest impulses

restlessness is a given

OWN it or be OWNED by it
the choice is yours