it’s choices
all the way down
conscious & unconscious choices
subconscious & transconscious choices

picture yourself as a zipper
sliding slowly along
where the superposition of the world
collapses into a linear lifeline
in the wake of your choices

this is a trajectory
the course of which you can “correct”
or tweak at the conscious level
by owning (up to) who you are
focusing on what you want out of (i.e. contribute to) life
and choosing how you react at the repercussions

the rest is BS


“through my actions
i create the world”

this is true both
at the biophysical
and the psychosocial level

in other words,
experience (or cognition) lived at the
and the interpersonal level
are dynamic loops that feed into themselves:
it’s all action and interaction based
born of movement

what you do/give is
what you get

the world is enacted
not perceived