J e s u s

When people tell me that they don’t understand the things I write/talk about I know that the only reason they don’t get me is that they don’t understand themselves in the first place. When dealing with me some feel confused about me, some feel frustrated by me, some dislike me, some quite like me—but if they cared enough most of them, I think, would be somewhat fascinated by (their idea of) me. Paradoxically, the less separate I feel from them (us) the more separate they seem to feel from me. The less there is of me and the more I loosen & relax into (us as) life they tend to project more and more of their issues onto me. In other words, people relate to people like me exactly the way they relate to life. It’s not personal at all. It’s just weird.


be smart

stop pretending that you don’t get stuff
that you don’t understand his/her motives
that wit & quips are forever lost on you

it’s easy to play possum
it’s easy to tone it down

in as much you are an embodiment of nature
even if a particular human projection of it,
you have access to it “all”
and all it takes is “just” relaxing into it

to be into it is to intuit 😉

we are way less than we think we are
but also, infinitely more
than we could ever imagine