What do you intend to give/get? What do you intend to have given in the end? Already dead, looking back on this lifetime of yours, what do you actually see: What did you end up finally giving/getting?


Me? I guess am here to bring and receive good vibes—through art, intimacy and profession. I was here to witness all (perception of) pressure dissolve as I physiologically and psychologically opened and (en)lightened up.



Can you feel at home in the moment wherever it happens to find you?


What would it take to switch the charge of the energy that’s coursing through you that right now you experience as a mild form of anxiety into ease, joy and indiscriminate love? Better yet: what does it take? Let’s hazard a guess or two.

To have your emotional need for a loyal, devoted, sexy, kinky, self-sufficient & freely evolving partner unconditionally met? To become truly independent & financially secure? To build a home of your own? To have a loving family? To speak the truth and only the truth and only the truth even without uttering words?


To let it all—all of the above—go? The whole shebang—All of it. Even the letting go of it. Even the letting go of the letting go of it. You get the idea. ALL. OF. IT. To truly not give a flying duck any more and just forget about the whole stuff—especially the project of coming to your senses and energetically (re)aligning—like it was a long, stupid dream that for a moment somehow seemed real.

Consider this your invitation to find out.