Adya Q

Nails it in a simple question: Do you want to know what’s real or hesitate in the face or fear?



Given the choice between being dead, inert emptiness & being the embodied, incarnate emptiness which one would you choose, really?


Who would you be without your battle against yourself? How would you know yourself without a battle against yourself?

Let the fear course through your body, just feel it and keep going. It’s only a fear of silence and a fear of the way that silence moves. Follow the inner direction: ruthlessly and passionately.


WHY HOLD BACK? is still not the highest but a way higher order question than WHY BOTHER or WHY ENGAGE? I feel happy to have come [been taken] so far at this point.


What do you intend to give/get? What do you intend to have given in the end? Already dead, looking back on this lifetime of yours, what do you actually see: What did you end up finally giving/getting?


Me? I guess am here to bring and receive good vibes—through art, intimacy and profession. I was here to witness all (perception of) pressure dissolve as I physiologically and psychologically opened and (en)lightened up.