Meditate with Abandon

How does your body move when you sink into its silence?—Mine does some micro-shudders around my neck and shoulders lately.


Rigth In The Middle Of It

Right in the middle of mentalizing: STOP. Reground, regroup in stillness. In other words: Notice when you get caught up in an agenda (scheme of certainty) at the expense of the truth (scene of uncertainty). The specter of scarcity that haunts [~suffuses the idea that you have about] your self follows you around like a shadow. Notice when the scheming self (that is forever seeking its way out & about) picks up momentum again and (ar)rest all movement right there, suspend everything right then. STOP. Fall right back in front of your grasping/recoiling. And simply regard the GIVEN: the sheer immediacy that envelops you this moment. Linger. No edge. No center. No ground.
No time. No rhyme. No reason.