pluralist pragmatism

no matter how unconsciously
we all enact a world of our own choice
we go like Alice down a rabbit hole
and attract things into our lives that reflect who we are becoming

none of us is (more) special
we are but passing through
our faces fading into other faces
not every liaison is productive along the way
sometimes there is way too much friction

the trick is to simply relax
into the movement that naturally arises in you, through you
involve those who want to be taken along

the reality of one wormhole is not superior to another
noone has the right to decide what’s good and what’s real for others

never try to make others fit the mold
of your preference or ideas about the world

respect your “triggers”
and be real

Stencil vs Profane

r u lost in a ship tossed around
on the ocean of your chaotic emotions
determined by circumstance
a victim of vicissitude?
u the captain of a ship on purpose
owning and harnessing the power of your e-motions
adapting to circumstance and vicissitude
surfing with a purpose?