Day in Day out

Hide or willingly die—show up—as drips of precum inside the tight pants of your sheltered life or the full-fledged lasso trail of spurting ejac out there in the naked. Stop faking to be impotent and lame, pick your goddam lane. Choose the slow slide into the deeper folds of fear or let love shed you, just like that.


Being caught up in the self-improvement loop is better than indulging self-destructive alternatives. Still, you’re fundamentally operating from restlessness—wherein: Rather than letting the truest impulses find you, you are busy rushing things. Your mind compels you to bulletproof and forcefeed:

  • your ’’brain’’ with knowledge and information
  • your ’’persona’’ with newsletters, updates & feeds on social
  • your muscles and tendons with (over)corrective stretches and excessive exercise
  • your ’’gut’’ with supplements and supposedly nutritious foods
  • your ’’soul’’ with spiritual teachings


All too busy deferring and buffering against the very wholeness that you seek.


Word Up

You can’t get away with anything in life. All illusions end up in pain. Never mind what happens: respond rather than react. You see what you aim at. Your ego keeps the scope fuzzy. Aim at the truth. Stay with your deepest intent, bracket the noise. Allow what arises without indulging or personalizing it. Stay empty handed, congruent only to the truth of this moment. The only thing that you can give is your presence and the only thing you can get is presence in return. Stay loose, go with the given. Notice nuances. Don’t mind what happens. Roll with what gives. See where it goes.


Who would you be without your battle against yourself? How would you know yourself without a battle against yourself?

Let the fear course through your body, just feel it and keep going. It’s only a fear of silence and a fear of the way that silence moves. Follow the inner direction: ruthlessly and passionately.

Trance v Truth

You turn away.
You miss the mark
and go down the rabbit hole

Leading, following, poking, provoking, enduring, indignant, pushed, pulled, swerving, squirming, grasping, clutching, wallowing, indulging, up & high and down & low, seeking: to dodge the empty fire in the middle. To sustain separateness. To keep struggling. Until

you repent
you turn back
and return home

facing forms of yourself in front of yourself
inside yourself
unattached: Present
untethered & unmoored—an open aperture

Owen Cook

The nice guy and the creep are the same guy because everybody is the same guy. Everybody wants to get paid, everybody wants to get laid, everybody wants value, fun, good emotions and minimize bad emotions. There is no good guy or bad guy. It’s just are they win-lose or are they win-win. Do they get you and take a minute to get in your head for your wants and needs or are they all about themselves.